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Mullins Swamp Hunting Club 

Link to Louisiana 2020-2021 Hunting & WMA Regulations

Important Dates

Turkey Season 2020

Area A


Youth Weekend - March 27 and 28, 2020

Regular Season - April 2 through May 2, 2020

No guests allowed the first two weeks of turkey season. (Guests allowed beginning April 16, 2020.)

Youth must be of immediate family and/or grandchild of member.

See the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries website link for additional information.

Please go to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries web site and read.

(Typos on this site do not override STATE LAW or club fines.)

Deer Season 2020 - 2021

Area # 4

Youth Hunt: Please see MSHC rules below for more information on Youth Week – October 31, 2020 through November 6, 2020.

Saturday October 31, 2019 and Sunday November 1, 2020 either sex allowed - must be over 70 pounds.

Monday November 2, 2020 through Friday November 6, 2020 - MSHC legal bucks ONLY

Please reference the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website for age limits and allowable firearms.


October 1, 2020 through January 31, 2021 - either sex


November 14, 2020 through November 20, 2020 / January 25, 2021 through January 31, 2021


November 21, 2020 through January 24, 2021

Dog season: we don’t run dogs - this is FYI

December 12, 2020 through January 3, 2021

See the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries website link for additional information.

Please go to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries web site and read.

(Typos on this site do not override STATE LAW or club fines.)

Mullins Swamp Hunting Club

Rifle Range Rules

  1. Range is open from sunup to sunset - 7 days a week.
  2. Respect the speed limit through the neighborhood when traveling to and from the rifle range.
  3. Use trash container and keep range clean.
  4. Use brass bucket for empty shells.
  5. Remove used targets when you are finished target shooting.
  6. DO NOT shoot trees or use for target holders.
  7. DO NOT shoot yardage markers or use for target holders.The only loaded weapon allowed on the range is the weapon of the Target Shooter who is seated at the shooting table.
  8. Use proper gun etiquette and common sense.
  9. Use hearing and eye protection.

Note: Markers are at 25 yard intervals

Mullins Swamp Hunting Club

2020 - 2021 Season Hunting Rules


All members and guests are required to sign the book at the club house prior to going on the lease at any time of the day during all hunting seasons. The following information must be included: your name, member number, area that you are hunting, time in and time out. Note: It is against the rules to sign IN & OUT at the same time.

Guest Fees are to be paid upon arrival at MSHC for the full duration of the time you will be hunting. If something comes up and you have to leave, the treasurer will evaluate the situation and make refunds if needed. The fees are as follows:

1. Big Game-Deer & Turkey-$15 per day. Maximum two guests per hunt.

2. Small Game-Rabbits, Squirrels, Doves etc.-$15 per day. Maximum two guests per day.

3. Guests (friend or family members) who are actively enlisted in any branch of the armed services, can deer hunt for free under your membership.

All guest rules apply.

There is a maximum of 6 big game (days) hunts per guest. No guests allowed on any opening weekends of deer season (archery, primitive or rifle) or the first two weeks of turkey season.

There is to be NO SMALL GAME HUNTING on MSHC lease property until the end of the deer season.




Mullins Swamp will shoot only 6 points or better with a 10 inch inside spread or better. Any member or guest that shoots a 6 point or better with less than a 10 inch inside spread, and/or a 5 point, 4 point, 3 point or spike regardless of the spread your membership will be fined $200.00 and restrictions* will be applied to your membership. This could change pending the annual SOTERRA CLUB MEETING that takes place around August.

Definition of an “Antler Point”: To be counted a point, the projection must be at least one inch long, with the length exceeding width at one inch or more of length. All points measured from tip of point to nearest edge of beam.



Does must weigh more than 70 pounds. Please try not to shoot a button buck. If your doe is under 70 pounds, your membership will be fined $200.00 and restrictions* will be applied to your membership. Each paid membership is allowed to shoot 2 does per season in accordance with the above.

A DOE shot on a “Buck Only Day”

Your membership will be fined $200.00 and restrictions applied. For 2nd offenses in the same year or “a trend set over a period of time,” the MSHC board will meet with the member to discuss the continuation of their membership.

*Restrictions (Probation):

1. Memberships that have restrictions applied will not be allowed to take a DOE on MSHC lease property for the next 12 months from date of the infraction.

2. Memberships with restrictions can shoot only MSHC legal bucks. Restriction fines are $200.00 per offense.

We are required to submit one lower jaw bone for each deer taken. The lower jaw bone just be properly tagged (metal tag) and contain your name and corresponding number from the data log. Please take precaution not to damage the molars and front teeth! Properly clean the bone prior to tagging. Use drill motor and drill one small hole in bone to affix the metal tag. There is a bucket provided for jawbones. Look for it! It’s located on the side of the clubhouse hanging on a hook.

We must keep good data on our kill record sheets. This means every deer killed must be weighed at the clubhouse and all data collected. This includes date, time, area, weight, sex, milk, number of points with antler measurements for ALL BUCKS.


This includes spikes, 3pts, 4pts, 5pts, and underweight deer if they are mistakenly killed.


  • There will be NO dog hunting allowed on MSHC lease.
  • One hind quarter shall be donated to the club from the second deer taken per each paid membership. The deer meat to be used exclusively for camp suppers.
  • The NEW rifle range will be open ALL DAY during the deer and turkey season. Any Person caught shooting trees will be reported to the land owners for fines up to $500.00 per tree. Please help to keep it clean by picking up your trash, empty shell casing, targets, and consumables, etc.
  • ATV use on pipelines, unmarked roads, and unmarked trails will be limited STRICTLY for the use of getting to and from your deer stand. No joy riding, no access to fill up feeders, scouting, etc., during hunting season (starting October 1st). Feeders are to be filled prior to or after your hunt. (NO SPECIAL TRIPS BACK TO YOUR STAND TO FEED) It is encouraged that you walk to your stand in these areas. Always be conscious and respectful of your pipeline and road hunting neighbor.
  • Signs stating ‘NO ATV TRAFFIC’ will be placed on designated roads/trails restricting traffic on MSHC leased property, the only exception is a hunter retrieving his/her game. Sign will be installed at or near the start of Bow Season.
  • Feed is to be carried with you when you go hunting, either morning or evening, and put out either before or after your hunt. It is encouraged to “stage” your feed in the woods in waterproof containers.
  • Non bow hunters may go on the lease between the hours of 11am and 2pm during the bow season solely to feed and check game cameras (nothing else) IN and OUT. You must respect “NO ATV” signs at this time. Keep it LIMITED and CHECK THE BOOK for bow hunters. Expect to be asked by a board member of your travel intent during this time.
  • The goal is to eliminate ATV traffic back and forth all day on the lease. MSHC realizes that members will have concerns with this rule. MSHC is serious in obtaining your commitment to MAKING THIS WORK. Solutions can be reached regarding travel and filling of feeders. Discuss only YOUR ISSUE with the MSHC board if needed.
  • All stand construction and clearing of an area to hunt (food plot, shooting lanes, spraying weeds, chain saw, feeders out, etc.) is to be completed prior to the start of Bow Season, October 1, 2020. This type of work is not allowed during deer or turkey season without permission from the board. Food plots may be planted only through Sunday, October 25, 2020. Limited tractor and ATV use will be allowed on the lease from October 1, 2020 through Sunday, October 25, 2020, for the sole purpose of planting food plots. If someone is bow hunting in the area, please do not go in that area before 11am and be out by 2pm.
  • Any person consuming alcohol will not be allowed to hunt that day. Note: It is stipulated in our lease agreement with the land owners.
  • Children 12 to 17 years of age must have taken the hunters’ safety course in order to hunt alone, but must have adult supervision on a nearby stand. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • There is no entering the MSHC hunting lease property until one hour before sunrise and we are to be off the property one hour after sunset. The exceptions are if you are tracking game or have permission from a MSHC board member. If you are tracking game, you are to notify a board member in the club house or call one.
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to be on the MSHC hunting lease or MSHC camp site (826 Nesom Road) unless a guardian is present.
  • There is to be no riding of a motorized vehicle (including ATV, UTV, four wheelers, tractors, etc.) by anyone under the age of 18 before sunrise and after sunset on MSHC camp site property (826 Nesom Road). The only exception is if you’re arriving or leaving by car / truck.

Youth Week (State Youth Week)

  1. Children 17 and under can harvest does in accordance with MSHC QDMA rules, 70 pounds or greater on Saturday and Sunday ONLY of youth week.
  2. Children 17 and under may harvest ONE buck, 70 pounds or greater with no restriction on antlers on Saturday and Sunday ONLY. Then Monday thru Friday, all youth must follow MSHC QDMA mandates for bucks. Deer taken on youth week counts toward the member’s tally. Youth must be a direct offspring, stepchild, or grandchild of a paying member. Permission to bring any other youth hunting on Youth Week must be granted by the MSHC board.

Saturday, October 31, 2020 and Sunday, November 1, 2020 – MSHC / STATE YOUTH WEEKEND RULES

Monday, November 2, 2020 through Friday, November 6, 2020 - MSHC QDMA RULES


  1. A raffle may be held annually to help with certain issues on the lease or around the camp. MSHC board will determine if necessary.
  2. There will be no loaded weapons of any kind allowed on the campground. BE SMART! Don’t show your buddy your new gun when a group of people are gathered. Keep your side-arm holstered at all times.
  3. All new members will be on one year probation in MSHC. The board members will review all new members actions after each deer season to discuss the status of their membership.
  4. Each member is required to attend 2 work details in a calendar year. The member will be fined $75.00 for each required detail missed, up to $150.00 per calendar year.
  5. Club Rules, Stand Rules, Food Plot Rules, and Club Ethics can be found on the Mullins Swamp Hunting Club website. It is the responsibility of the member to view and keep up to date with club information and changes.

Mullins Swamp Hunting Club

2020-2021 Season – Deer Stands Rules

  • Stands are not to be secured to trees by nails. Any stand fastened to a tree with nails will be removed. Members caught doing this will be evicted from MSHC.
  • All members deer stands must have their yearly tag placed on the stand by August 15, 2020 where it is plainly visible from the ground. If there is no tag on a stand by the end of the day August 15, 2020 that stand becomes property of the MSHC Board.
  • There is a limit of 2 deer stands per membership. One BOW stand is allowed near permanent stand. Bow stand must not be further than 50 yards from permanent stand.
  • All deer stands, regardless of type, must be put up no later than October 1st of each year. NO EXCEPTION unless approved by the MSHC Board.
  • No member will erect a new deer stand within 300 yards from another member’s deer stand on Roads and Pipelines and within 200 yards from another member’s deer stand in the woods. The practice of passing on or claiming abandoned areas/deer stands is not allowed unless approved by the MSHC Board.
  • All deer stand locations are to be marked on the map board with a push pin. The push pin is to contain your club number. When hunting, a white metal ring tag is to be hung on your pin location. Ring Tag is to contain name and member number. Purpose of tag is so that fellow hunters know your hunting location. Please remove your old pins.t NO TIME during the hunting season can a member park their ATV or vehicle near another members deer stand or food plot. (unless retrieving game) Park near your deer stands/food plot or park your transportation in the woods. Do no leave the ATV in the opening! If you have a circumstance that causes conflicts, it may be brought to the MSHC Board.
  • Members or guests will not hunt another member’s stands without permission. This can be verbal permission. You best have permission before doing it.
  • If anyone is caught violating any of these rules their membership will be terminated and there will be no refund of membership dues!

These rule changes along with Quality Deer Management (QDM) are all part of making Mullins Swamp Hunting Club a better and safe place to hunt.

Mullins Swamp Hunting Club

2020 Season - Turkey Hunting Rules

  • Turkey hunters must comply by all Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries State/Federal laws and MSHC turkey hunting rules.
  • Turkey hunters are responsible to know if a hunting area contains feed, seed, minerals, or any other food sources that could be considered “baiting.” Hunters must know the “safe hunting distance” required by law, from an area that may be considered “baited.” (i.e. Freshly planted club plots, corn on the ground)
  • All MSHC members (Turkey and NON Turkey hunters) are to have their deer feeder removed, emptied, or made inoperable by March 16, 2019 (Inoperable means – funnel is securely taped up and battery is removed) No corn or feed is allowed to escape the feeders. All other type feeders are to be emptied. This is a mandatory action item for all. HUNTING over a BAITED AREA is absolutely forbidden. If caught, you will be told to immediately leave the hunting club.
  • Turkey hunters must sign IN and OUT in the log book at MSHC: Name, Area, Club Number and Time. Log book is located in the MS clubhouse. Turkey hunters cannot sign out for more than 2 locations at once. Hunting areas are first come, first served. Hunters are to respect one another’s hunting set-up and move out of said location.
  • All NON-Turkey hunters must stay off the lease, except between 11am – 2pm during the turkey season, unless you have permission from a board member. There is to be no stand construction, joy riding, deer scouting, etc. etc…during the 6 weeks of turkey season. Only FOOD PLOTS (bush-hogging, disking - no seed planting) are allowed to be worked between 11am – 2pm during the hunting season. Efforts will be made for the hunters to keep this disturbance down to a minimum.
  • Turkey hunters are not to use another hunter’s purchased or fabricated turkey blind without verbal or written permission. (This does not say that another hunter cannot hunt the area, just that he cannot use the other hunters equipment without permission) Same goes with using a deer stand to turkey hunt. If it is not your deer stand, stay out, unless you have permission from its owner to be in it.
  • 4 turkey maximum per membership are allowed to be taken per hunting season. NO GUEST HUNTERS will be allowed on Youth Weekend or during the first two weeks of the Turkey Season.
  • Turkey season guest fees are $15.00 per day. 


  1. There is no ownership of DEER stands or TURKEY Blinds during the turkey season (we are talking AREA), but there will be RESPECT for one another.
  2. If a fellow hunter invests time and money on planting a palatable crop for turkey, be respectful and considerate of his investment. Allow him first chance at hunting the area when said person is at the lease.
  3. The act of throwing raw seed to say “Area is Planted” with the sole intention of keeping a turkey hunter out of an area WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Disputes are to be brought up to the MSHC board.

All MSHC members are to be familiar with the MSHC turkey hunting rules and state law, regardless whether you hunt the bird or not.

It is encouraged that turkey hunters join the National Wild Turkey Federation.